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Who is behind Free Sourcing Tools?

2 french guys, 2 passionate sourcers, Guillaume Alexandre and Pierre André Fortin got together online during the first lockdown of Covid 19 in 2020 and decided that, if there ever was a second lockdwon, they would design a free website, by sourcers for sourcers with free sourcing tools.

It took a 20 seconds brainstorm to find the most obvious names

We are both owners of our own companies Gates Solutions (Guillaume) and Anara (Pierre André)

We are both also providing sourcing training so please get in touch if you want to be trained as a sourcer ;-)



Guillaume is basedin Geneva (switzerland), bad golfer, happy sourcer at Gates Solutions and Sourcing trainer at People Attraction Theory, check his Linkedin


Pierre is based near Paris, he can run fast and for very long periods of time, master scraper, CSE guru, founder of Anara, pierre also trains sourcers, check his linkedin


If you have any questions, tools you'd like to us to add to help you or anything, please just send us a message!

Thanks for your message, we'll respond to you very soon

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